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Delaware 101

For many incoming freshman the appeal of college boils down to one important word- freedom. From the moment your parents reluctantly drive away after moving you into your overwhelmingly small dorm room to that sticky summer day when they are applauding as you eagerly grab your diploma, the campus is yours to explore and engage. So what to do with [...]

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Brave Souls of Summer

“Brave Souls of Summer” As of May 28th, Newark becomes a ghost town reminiscent of the abandoned cities of the Midwest, minus the tumbleweed. All of Delaware’s students quickly disperse to the beaches, their hometowns, and foreign countries for summers full of sun bathing, sight-seeing, and late night hangouts. But what about the students who stay- the brave souls who [...]

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What happens during New Student Orientation? Lieberman’s Bookstore is fully staffed with UD students who have all gone through being freshmen at Delaware. We understand that the transition can be overwhelming and are more than willing to help make your first time buying your textbooks as simple as possible. • ...

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To Buy or not to Buy? The Ins and Outs of Renting Textbooks To Buy or not to Buy? The Ins and Outs of Renting Textbooks

Renting From Lieberman’s vs. Buying/Renting Online Lieberman’s Bookstore is now offering rentals on UD textbooks, which includes packages and some custom textbooks.  Renting textbooks is another money saving alternative that allows students to shop locally and save more money! Thinking about renting?  Make sure you keep these in mind: Renting ...

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Art Supplies Art Supplies

… Lieberman’s now carries art supplies! …….……. Whether you’re an Art major or just looking to work on a poster, we have many items in stock for your convenience. Lieberman’s carries a wide assortment of materials for all of your artistic and creative needs, including canvas, paint brushes, acrylic paint, ...

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We Buy More than Textbooks! We Buy More than Textbooks!

We don’t only buy back textbooks at Lieberman’s — Bring your unwanted video games, calculators, and clickers to the store and we can take them off your hands!…

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Make the Commitment to Study Abroad Make the Commitment to Study Abroad

Make the Commitment to a Semester Abroad Studying abroad is a big commitment, especially if you decide to go for a full semester. But I’m sure anyone who’s been will tell you the same thing- it’s a once and a lifetime experience. Of course, going for summer or winter session ...

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Faculty: Get Your Desk Copies at Lieberman’s Faculty: Get Your Desk Copies at Lieberman’s

If you are considering a review of a new textbook from a different publisher we can give you a hand.   All of the major publishers have great relationships with us and we meet on a regular basis with all of the sales reps. We have been requesting desk copies for ...

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