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Damaged Textbooks and Buyback: The Facts


Selling back your University of Delaware textbooks at Lieberman’s will get you the most money for your books!  However, one of the factors that can affect your buyback price is the damage to your textbook.  The following is a quick breakdown of some of different types of damage that can occur.

Damage is one of the factors that can decrease the value of your book.  Please be aware of some of the damage that happens to textbook, and how that will affect your buyback price:

-Normal wear and use:
We understand that you use your book on a daily basis for classes and studying so typical highlighting , writing and wear and tear should not affect your buyback prices.

If your book has any type of water damage or soiled pages, it is likely this will affect some of your textbook’s buyback value.   In severe cases we will not buy the textbook at all.   Be careful to keep your textbooks dry!

-Missing pages/ Missing covers
Books that are missing pages (especially lab manuals/workbooks that you are required to tear the pages out and turn them in) or missing covers will not be bought back.  Books that are missing parts cannot be resold, and are often thrown out because they can not be reused.

If your textbooks have any other type of damage that may limit our ability to sell the book to the next student, we will discuss it with you at the buyback counter.   If you have any questions regarding the overall condition of your books, bring them to us and we will be happy to give you our feedback and appraisal.

We understand that you often buy books that are used, but try and keep them in the best shape and you will get the most money back!

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