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Secret reason why our return policy is the best here at UD.

happy customer isnt stuck with her book

happy customer isnt stuck with her book

It’s a simple formula actually. When you buy books at our store, we always ask you if you have bought books from us before. We keep a simple account on file with all of your purchases for you. This allows us to go back and to be able to reprint your receipts, in the event you lose them.

We have all been through that drill before. Bring the book back to the on-campus bookstore without a receipt and get stuck with a $100 book you cannot return now. As long as you make sure that we add your account to your order when you are checking out, we will have the receipt on file and there are no risks to getting stuck with the books.

Its just another reason to shop Lieberman’s. We value you as our customer, which is why we put in this extra step and all the extra effort to help you. We don’t want you getting stuck with your books. That’s not a win-win scenario for anyone–and is bad business in general.

Lieberman’s University Bookstore services the students at the University of Delaware. UD students have made us their # 1 choice for the cheapest University of Delaware textbooks. We now sell more than just UD textbooks too! Check us out for UD gifts, UD t-shirts, UD sweatshirts and many other University of Delaware gift and apparel items. We are located at:
45 E. Main Street, Newark, DE 19711
P: 866.582.BOOK (toll free) or 302.283.9980 F: 302.283.9983

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