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Sell Your Books Back!

Hello, Blue Hens! It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about selling back your textbooks!

Selling your textbooks can be a hassle – debating whether or not you should keep the book as a resource or a paperweight, having to lug all of your books across campus, not knowing if you can sell your books at all – it all seems like too much to bother with. We try to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible for you.

At Lieberman’s, we buy back textbooks year round, allowing you to come into the store whenever it is convenient for you and sell your books to us for cash. Towards the end of the semester and during finals week, we set up a number of buyback tents around campus to save you a trip to Main Street when that time could be better spent studying.

We buy back as many textbooks as we can, but no prices are guaranteed. Buyback prices vary depending on the number of books we have in stock, whether or not professors are using the book the following semester, and the edition and condition of the book once you bring it to us.

We try our best to buy as many loose-leaf and custom textbooks as we can so you don’t get stuck with any books that you don’t want. However, Instructor’s Editions and International Editions cannot be bought back.

We pride ourselves on buying back more titles than any bookstore around campus or in the area, and guarantee the highest buyback price of any other University of Delaware store. If any of our on-campus competition offers you a higher price, we will match it to the best of our ability.

Didn’t buy your books at Lieberman’s? That’s alright! We will buy your textbooks back regardless of where you bought them, so long as they aren’t rentals from somewhere else.

Selling your books to Lieberman’s is the best and most efficient way of getting the most out of your textbooks. So come and visit us! We’ll be happy to take your books off your hands for you.

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