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For many incoming freshman the appeal of college boils down to one important word- freedom. From the moment your parents reluctantly drive away after moving you into your overwhelmingly small dorm room to that sticky summer day when they are applauding as you eagerly grab your diploma, the campus is yours to explore and engage. So what to do with your newfound freedom? Where should you hang out? Where should you eat? Where should you study (For those occasional times when you remember why you’re actually living in Newark)? Luckily for you, we compiled answers to all these questions from a group of upperclassmen.

When the weather’s decent, you’ll find a lot of students hanging out on the Green. The Green is the strip of grass right off of Main Street, both in front of and behind Memorial Hall. Most of the University buildings can be found along its edges. Sun bathing, frisbee, soccer, and reading are all popular activities for a warm day in the sun. Another popular hang out is located in Perkins Student Center in East Campus. On Saturdays during the Fall Semester you’ll find the majority of UD students cheering on the football team at Delaware Stadium. Bring your student id for free entrance and join the swarming mass of blue and gold behind the end posts. They even provide free shuttles to the stadium so you don’t have to make the long trek if you’re understandably feeling a bit sluggish on a Saturday morning.


Memorial Hall

As an incoming freshman, chances are you were required to purchase a meal plan to accompany your housing plan. A bit of advice- take advantage of your meal plan. You had to purchase it so you might as well use it. And contrary to popular belief, you can actually find some pretty good stuff at the dining halls. Russell has the best ice cream selection, complete with hot fudge and a wide array of flavors. At Pencader, on north campus, they offer Premium dinners once a week. These meals are prepared by professional chefs and can be paid for with flex, points, or cash. Look on the Udel dining website for exact dates and menus. Occasionally, however, you might need a break from the noise and predictability of the cafeteria style dining halls. That’s when you hit Main Street. It’s full of restaurants that vary in both price and cuisine. Check out California Tortilla if you’re in the mood for a kicking burrito and friendly employees. Saladworks, where you can create your own ideal salad, is a good joint for healthy eating. And if you’re in a hurry, run into Peace-a-Pizza for a quick, but far from typical, slice.

So now you know where to eat and hang out, but where should you go to study? If you like a bit of background noise to keep out the dullness of complete silence, you should probably head to Trabant. Here you’ll find plenty of tables full of students studying individually for an exam or working on group projects together.  There’s also quite a few restaurants, like Chick-fil-a and Quiznos, so you can snack while you work. If you need silence and serenity to really get your brain waves moving, Morris Library is your ideal location. With four floors, there’s always an available desk. If you’re lacking focus, it’s possible to seclude yourself behind endless rows of bookshelves in a far off corner, where you’re sure not to be interrupted. For some of you, coffee is an absolute necessity when studying. Central Perk, Brew HaHa!, and Dunkin Donuts are popular refuges for all the caffeine junkies of Newark.  Central Perk and Brew HaHa!  is crowded with studiers during the day and Dunkin Donuts, open twenty-four hours, thrives at night.

So now that you’ve got the upperclassmen low-down, it’s time to hit the campus and make the most of your freedom. Take their advice, but also make sure to find out what works for you. Where you prefer to hang out, who you think has the best food, and what kind of study environment you prefer. Before you know it, it will be your turn to return the favor and give your own advice to all the new incoming freshman.

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