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The Inside Scoop on Selling Your UD Textbooks Back


It’s the end of the semester, and you’ve got a bunch of University of Delaware textbooks that you want to sell back to Lieberman’s.  Here are a few brief guidelines to what will be accepted and what will not, as well as more information to help you through this buyback period!


  • General Reading Books
  • Trade Books
  • Textbooks
  • Lab Manuals*
  • Study Guides *
  • Solution Manuals*
  • Workbooks*


  • Class Notes
  • Missing Pages
  • Damages


How are buyback prices calculated?

We understand that selling your books back can be quite a frustrating experience. In order to get the best deals and to be able to decide whether to sell them or not, you have to understand how the process works and the factors at play. The following is a simple guide that explains some of the key factors and key questions we here from students most. Hope this helps!

Lieberman’s always tries to give 30-50% of the used sale price. No set buyback prices are given for textbooks–the price can vary due to several reasons:

Book used again next semester – If the book is being used the following semester, Lieberman’s will pay a higher price, maybe even up to 50% of what you bought it for!

Supply and Demand – each bookstore needs a certain quantity of books. Once they buy back that quantity, the price often decreases to the wholesale price, which is determined by wholesale book companies

Old edition and New Editions pending – often decrease the value of your book because of the newer version coming out

Condition of book

Dollar bookmarks

Should I sell my books back now or wait for a later time?

Generally, it is best to sell back your books as soon as possible. If you intend to re-read the text, use it for a future course, or use it for reference, then you should hold on to the book. However, when you keep the book, you take the chance of the value of the book decreasing. The depreciation can be due to several factors, such as mass volumes being easily accessible to everyone, or old editions and new editions pending.

My friend just sold their book back for a higher price than mine, what’s the deal?

Most college bookstores only need a certain amount of textbooks per semester. Once we hit the quote for textbooks needed, the price of the text usually drops to the wholesale prices.

Why are custom textbooks not often bought back?

Custom textbooks are made specifically for the university–often particular to a professor and their course section. With these specially-made books, which can also change between semesters, there are no wholesale prices for the nationwide vendors, since they are not able to sell it to other schools. Occasionally, a custom book does get reused which we would then buyback.

Why do I need the CD for my textbook to sell it back?

We often need the CD with the textbook because both components are considered as one. Without the CD, the textbook loses its value and may become unsellable to future students, who may actually need the CD for use in their class.

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