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Dorm-Life: The Necessities


Dorm-Life: The Necessities

When you’ve never lived in a dorm before, trying to decide what to bring with you and what to leave at home can be a difficult task. Contacting your future roommate is a great first step. Discuss with them who should bring what and maybe even brainstorm some ideas for setting up the dorm room. Otherwise you’ll end up having two microwaves, two TVs, two BluRay/DVD players, two inflatable chairs, etc. By talking to them first you’ll ensure that you only bring what you need and you’ll also get to know them a bit before you move in.

There are some items that you’re going to want to make sure just one of you brings. One of these is an area rug or a carpet. The UD dorms aren’t carpeted and tend to feel a bit “institutionalized.” Having a carpet will be the first step in making it feel more like home. Another of these items is a television and BluRay/DVD player. If you’re planning on following your favorite series or watching the latest movies, this is a must. The final necessary items are a microwave and a mini-fridge. As a new student you’ll be required to purchase a meal plan, but there will be late-night study sessions that leave you completely famished and also times when you can’t make the scheduled dining hall meals. By bringing these appliances you can avoid going hungry or having spending extra money.


There’s also many items that you will both need to bring. As far as bedding goes, you’ll both need to have extra-long twin size sheets, pillows, pillowcases, comforters, and any other bedding essentials you might require. The dorm rooms are equipped with a bed frame and a mattress, but it’s up to you to make it comfortable for yourself. The dorms will also have dressers and wardrobes, but you’ll want to bring your own hangers and possibly even some closet organizers. IKEA is a great place to get things like that and also any additional furniture you might want for the room. (You’ll be provided with a desk.) Since the furniture is unassembled, it’s often cheaper and easier to move. Inexpensive, mobile furniture makes IKEA a popular choice for all UD students.

The walls of the dorms are a uniform white and will definitely need some “spicing up.” Most college students buy cheap posters to hang around the room. Luckily for UD students there’s a biannual poster sale at the start of each semester in the Perkins Student Center. They have a great variety of subjects and sizes, so there’s definitely something for everyone. We also have a few posters on sale here at Lieberman’s. You might also want to bring some pictures that remind you of high school friends and your hometown to place around the dorm. As far as things you shouldn’t bring go, leave the candles and hot-plates at home. Your RA will quickly confiscate either of these items because they are considered fire-hazards. So remember, talk to your roommate first and have fun preparing for the big move!

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