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If you are ready to place your course packet order for next semester, you may fill out our online order form here.

What are the advantages of a course packet?

Course packets are convenient for both the student and the professor, as they provide all of the materials a student needs for a course in one concise grouping.  The professor can choose exactly what materials from multiple sources they would like to include (textbook excerpts, newspaper articles, your own class notes, etc) and we bind them together as one professional-looking booklet.  If you only teach certain excerpts of some books, course packets keep the students from having to buy several books, therefore saving them money.

How can I create a course packet?

Lieberman’s can help you in assembling your course packets.  We will obtain all the necessary copyright permissions for reprinted material and arrange, with your guidance, both the design and printing of the packet.  All you need to do is fill out an order form and bring in or send us the original copies that you’d like to include.  You can include as many materials as you’d like in the packet, and we will accordingly determine the appropriate retail price.

Why should I choose Lieberman’s to make my course packets?

First of all, we can assemble your packets efficiently.  We try to complete as fast a turnaround as we can for your order and don’t impose deadlines on submission.  However, we recommend submitting all your materials as soon as possible to guarantee that the students have their packets available by the start of classes.

We produce the packets ourselves, right here at the bookstore.  Having our own printing service is extremely convenient because it allows us to produce packets quickly and address your concerns directly.  If a student loses their copy or we sell more units than expected and run out, we can easily print more that same day.  Furthermore, having our own services reduces the overall cost of production.

We guarantee a low cost for the students. The copyright fees are factored into the retail price, as well as the material and labor costs.  Most businesses have to add an additional mark-up for to the cost of hiring a printing production company, but Lieberman’s prints all of our own materials in-house, so we can forego the mark-up and make the overall cost of the course packet cheaper for the students.

Finally, we promise to work closely with you in designing the packet to ensure that the end result meets your expectations.  We have a wide array of color, binding, and layout options for you to choose from and promise to create a product that is both functional and attractive.  We will provide you with a proof copy first so that you may look it over and give your approval; if there are any issues we will make all necessary changes prior to printing the shelf copies.

Please contact Mike ( or Todd (  with any questions. You are also welcome to come to the store to view examples of packets that we have created for previous courses, and discuss what we can do for you!

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