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Incoming Students

Here at Lieberman’s, we know that starting college can be overwhelming. In a relatively short time period you have to decide what to major in, which courses to take, how many credits you can handle, etc. On top of all these important decisions you also have to worry about purchasing your textbooks. Since the campus has two local bookstores, you first have to decide where to purchase your books. Without any prior information it might be difficult to make that decision. So here are FIVE reasons why Lieberman’s Bookstore is always your best option for textbooks:

1. We have the most USED textbooks AND  most books available to RENT!

You save 25% when you buy your books used. Our books are clean and complete. We buy and sell from colleges all over the U.S. and are proud to be the largest reseller of textbooks in the Delaware Valley. If you decide you want to rent textbooks, we rent nearly all of our textbooks! Save money by renting your books from us!

2. We have the lowest prices on all textbooks

Let’s be honest- buying textbooks gets expensive very quickly. The average textbook bill can range from $300- $600 dollars a semester. That’s why we insist on providing you with the lowest possible price. We will never be undersold. If you find a cheaper book locally, bring us proof and we promise to beat their price. Our commitment to low prices have made us the most popular store at this campus.

3. Outstanding customer service and special attention to your needs

Lieberman’s is equipped with a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. They are prepared and eager to help answer any questions you may have about purchasing your textbooks. We also hire a large number of students to work within our bookstore! This allows us to provide valuable insight about courses and textbooks from a first-hand source.

4. We carry all the correct books for your courses

Buying your books from Lieberman’s is safe! We receive all the same textbooks requests as the university bookstore, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing the wrong books.

5. We maintain a 100% RISK FREE RETURN POLICY

All textbooks are 100% refundable until the end of the first week of classes. After that we will ONLY accept returns through-out the drop/add period if you can provide proof of a dropped course. After the last day of drop/add we will no longer be able to accept returns.

Lose your receipt? No problem! When you purchase your first set of textbooks, be sure to give your cashier both your name and phone number. Providing these details will ensure that you are added to our customer database and will allow us to keep electronic copies of your receipts. The phone number you provide will become your customer identification number, so we suggest using a number that will likely not change during your college career- such as your home telephone. Each time you make purchases at our store simply provide the cashier with the same phone number. This way if you ever misplace your receipts we can easily reprint them for you from our system.

New books MUST be returned in the same condition in which they were purchased. This means wrapped packages must be unopened and in their original wrapping. We will not accept any books that are in bad condition, such as water damaged, as we would not be able to resell them.

Don’t make buying textbooks a hassle- come to Lieberman’s!

And be sure to check out our TEXTBOOK 101 section under the ‘Textbooks’ drop-down for answers to many frequently asked questions.

Lieberman’s University Bookstore services the students at the University of Delaware. UD students have made us their # 1 choice for the cheapest University of Delaware textbooks. We now sell more than just UD textbooks too! Check us out for UD gifts, UD t-shirts, UD sweatshirts and many other University of Delaware gift and apparel items. We are located at:
45 E. Main Street, Newark, DE 19711
P: 866.582.BOOK (toll free) or 302.283.9980 F: 302.283.9983