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FALL 2017 Textbook Reservations are not yet available. Stay tuned for the beginning of the pre-order season!


Pre-ordering your textbooks is a simple way to get the most used textbooks—without the hassle of having to compete with everyone at the beginning of the semester at the bookstore.  This convenient option gives you the peace of mind of having your books ready when you come to campus with no extra charge.



You give us your schedule either through our pre-order system, email, or over the phone before the semester starts.  We will pull and package your  books for you so that your books are ready for pick up when you are able to make it to the store during move-in weekend.  It’s that quick and easy!  You avoid competing with other customers in the crowded aisles who are looking for their books!


We have the biggest USED book inventory at the University of Delaware.  However, these books fly off the shelves because they are so much cheaper!  Make sure you get your used books by pre-ordering your books early.  Pre-orders get pulled before the semester starts, so you have a better chance of getting quality used books.  In a sense, the earlier you pre-order, the MORE money you SAVE!


Pre-ordering your textbooks has no risk involved!  We carry all of the same books as the University of Delaware bookstore, so you are getting the correct books.  Plus, with our new website, you are able to customize your order by picking which books you want.  If there is anything in your order that you do not want, you’re not obligated to buy it!  If you have any class changes in your schedule, you can contact us anytime up until the semester starts so we can modify and update your order.

So fill out your PREORDER FORM and reserve your books today!!


How do I pre-order my books?

Check out our Pre-Order page for more information:  RESERVE NOW!

Why do you need my Credit Card number if I’m paying when I pick them up?

We need credit card numbers to reserve the books for you.  We do not charge your credit card until you come pick them up—and when you do, you can pay anyway you want (forms of payment).

Can I pay before I come into the store to pick-up my books?

Yes you can!  By choosing to pre-pay, we can charge your card ahead of time so you do not have to stand in-line to pay.  That saves you even more time, especially during the busy part of the semester!

What if I do not have my finalized schedule?  Am I still able to place my pre-order?

You can still preorder your books even if you don’t have your final schedule.  Just fill out your preorder form, and fill out the information that you do know.  Once you have your final schedule, just contact us via email, phone or our website, and we’ll update your order!  By pre-ordering ahead of time, you are able to hold your place in our pre-order line so you are able to get the most used books.

What if my class schedule changes?

If you have any class schedule changes and drop/adds, contact us via email, phone or our website.  We’ll update your order and make any necessary changes to your books.

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