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Will I have the correct books if I shop at Lieberman’s?

YES!  Lieberman’s receives the textbook adoption directly from the University of Delaware bookstore.

Optional books, what’s the deal?

Generally, optional textbooks are books such as study guides, answer keys, and solution manuals. These books are not required by your professors but they can be useful to the students. Optional books can also be books that your professor thinks may be interesting and can add to the subject of the course, but doesn’t think it fits in with the course schedule. Check with your professor before purchasing these.

Do I really need all of the extra CDs, software, and other items that are bundled into my books?

This depends on what your professor has planned for the class. Most access codes can be bought separately from the textbook itself. If you buy the textbook used, you can usually buy access codes from publishers website. This tends to save the customer money. Professors sometimes use CDs in their classes and sometimes don’t. If your professor doesn’t require a CD and there are text only version’s available, can save money by purchasing a text only version.

What is a course packet?

Course packets are compiled by a professor. The course packets tend to have specific topics that a professor wishes to speak about without having a student buy a complete textbook. Course packets can also have a class syllabus, lecture layouts, and assignments.

Buyback, can I sell back my books?

Of course! Lieberman’s buys back books year round.

How are buyback prices determined?

Buyback prices are determined based on supply and demand. If an instructor has submitted adoption information for the next term for a textbook, and we do not have enough in stock, the price that we pay for the book is higher. Once we have met our quota on books, prices tend to drop to the “wholesale” value of the text. “Wholesale” prices are based on used book company’s determination of a specific book’s market value based on a books price, age, and popularity. Books that have not been adopted by a professor for the next term have a wholesale price initially given to them.

How do I get the most money back for my textbooks when I sell them?

The “buyback season” starts the last week of classes and continues on until the end of exams. Selling back your book right before or directly after your exam is the best bet. If you don’t have a final exam for a certain class, sell back your book to us after your last class to have a better chance at a higher cost. Once we have met the quota on the amount of books needed, the price tends to drop.

Why should I buy USED books instead of new?

The main reason to buy used textbooks rather than new is to save you money. Several used textbooks are in almost brand-new condition and can save you up to 30% compared to new books. Lieberman’s has the most used textbooks at the University Of Delaware!

Can I rent textbooks from Lieberman’s?

Yes! We rent almost all of our textbooks! Just like our used and new books for sale, we guarantee the lowest rental prices on campus.

Are books returnable? How does that work?

Lieberman’s Bookstore has adopted the textbook return policy of the University of Delaware Bookstore. With this policy, students are able to return all of their textbooks for full refund up to the last day of drop/add. Students have the first week of classes to determine if the books they purchased are the correct books. After the first week, customers must have proof of dropping the class in order to receive a full refund. The easiest way to show proof is to have a copy of your original schedule printed from the UDSiS student’s page as well as a copy of your new schedule.

Students who purchase new textbooks must be sure to keep the books in their original condition or else they will be non-returnable. This means students should be sure they do not write or highlight in any new books until they are positive they are using the correct book and staying in the class. Books that come in packages or are in shrink-wrap must stay in the original packaging unopened or the book is non-returnable. Access codes, which can only be purchased as new, must also remain in the original packaging.

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